Steve Perry is an American singer and songwriter who joined Journey (in 1977) and quickly became their lead singer, coinciding with the band’s most commercially successful period. His tenor voice was particularly known for its range, power, and emotional depth.

With Perry as the lead vocalist, Journey released a series of hit albums, including “Infinity” (1978), “Escape” (1981), and “Frontiers” (1983). These albums featured many popular hit singles like “Wheel in the Sky”, “Faithfully”, “Don’t Stop Believin'”, “Open Arms”, and “Separate Ways”.

In 1984, he decided to pursue a solo career and released his debut album, “Street Talk” (which included the hit singles “Oh Sherrie” and “Foolish Heart”). In 2017, Journey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Steve Perry reunited with the band for the ceremony, marking a significant moment for fans.

On this very day, January 22nd, 1949, Steven Ray Perry was born in Hanford, California, to Portuguese parents, Raymond and Mary. In celebration of his birthday, exactly 75 years ago today, I decided to go with a power ballad that is one of my personal favorites…and, if you’d like to have a listen, simply click on the provided YouTube link. Released on July 10th 1981, here’s Journey, alongside today’s birthday boy, STEVE PERRY, with “WHO’S CRYING NOW?”….